✉Re: yahoo need yöur help

I’ve just read söme interesting infö and I wanted tö ask yöu a cöuple öf questiöns regarding söme issues, here, take a peek view message

Cicci Wik

From: Blogg Ekosidan [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2017 11:56 PM
To: cicci@cvea.net
Subject: Yes. Fuck them forever

Wilson gradually awakened as sunlight streamed through the window. He had stayed up late the night before to celebrate the beginning of 2015 with his friends, so he was a bit groggy at first. After rubbing his eyes, yawning, stretching, and blinking a few times, he sat up, smiling at the calender.

His vision cleared, and he read the date-

January 1, 3015

Disappointment crossed his face.

”Not again.”

Sent from Mail for Windows 10



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